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Every January, PPES announces how many new girls will be accepted for the following academic year. All girls between the ages of 3 and14 are eligible to apply.

Girls come to the school and receive assistance with filling out an application form. The school then gives them an interview date. Application forms help us determine whether a girl is qualified for entrance to the school. Generally, we only accept the most impoverished girls from families that earn less than 600 Rs./month (US $11). They are also given a medical exam to determine if they have any medical complications. All possible assistance is provided to children with special needs. Interviews allow our admissions staff to establish how much interest the girl and her parents have in the type of education PPES embodies. If a girl or her parents aren’t interested at this stage, the girl will likely drop out in the future. The most motivated students receive admission.

Throughout the initial three weeks of school, the newly admitted students undergo tests and trainings to decide in which class level they belong. During the fourth week, final adjustments are made and by July everyone starts the regular program. In order to ensure that the students excel in the skills required to pass each class, PPES does not have summer or winter vacations but two months in Summer during which the students can do more sports, arts and humanities, or improve themselves in the classes they have difficulties.

School Dropouts

Since the school is located in an area which scorns female empowerment, we unfortunately do experience school dropouts. However, we have experienced huge gains in the last years. In 2010, the dropout rate at the senior school was reduced from 5% to 2%, and the junior school rate dropped from 20% to 15%. These numbers reflect the remarkable shift in the community’s attitude toward female education and hopefully the dropout rate will continue to decrease.