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Newsletter: April - October 2014

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

First and foremost we would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to you for your love, care and support to us.

We’re extremely delighted to share Pardada Pardadi’s latest newsletter with you. This newsletter highlights how our interventions are changing the lives of people in Anupshahr (Uttar Pradesh) Hope you find interesting reading it.

Thank you for joining us in our journey of transforming rural India for the betterment of marginalized people.


Pardada Pardadi (PPES) in News!

PPES work and programmes have been acknowledged on various social platforms. Recently, the organization was covered by DD national under it’s’ ‘Humara Gaon Connection’ (our village connection, in english) a socio docu tele series featuring impact stories from Pardada Pardadi’s friends and beneficiaries.

Humara Gaon Connection attempts to sensitize and aware urban India about the transformation underway in the rural hinterlands.

PPES was also featured in Gulf news. To read the article, click on the link below:

It is indeed good to see the effort of media to promote the cause of empowering rural girls/women not only in India but also overseas.  


Hat Trick for PPES in U.P Board examinations

Pardada Pardadi School excelled in the Uttar Pradesh Board of secondary education. For the third consecutive year, the school achieved 100 result in classes X and XII. A total of 69 students appeared for the board examinations, of which 64 passed with first division and 5 with second division.

The maximum percentage obtained by the girls’ is 83%. PPES once again proved that our pupil reap success with their diligence and perseverance under the mentoring and assistance of a team of competent teachers in a unique learning experience. This achievement is a testament to the hard work of our teachers.

Primary school result:  Following last year trend this year there was a 100% pass percentage in the primary school.   

The credit not only goes to the brilliant students but also to our teachers, other staff members, volunteers and the parents for their boundless support to attain the height of excellence.


Recognition from Uttar Pradesh (U.P) Board

Pardada Pardadi School has been recognized as a senior secondary school by the Uttar Pradesh Board. The school can now start science stream for its students, which in turn will enable our girls to an entirely new educational experience. Girls can now opt for science as their mainstream subject after class 10th. This will give them an opportunity to make career in various fields such as IT, engineering, bio-technology nanotechnology, research and many more.

From Anupshahr to America

Shivani is the only girl from her village (Garehra) and school (PPES), to study abroad. After graduating from Pardada Pardadi School in 2013, she decided to take a gap year to prepare for Test of English as International Communication (TOEIC) to get through Community College Initiative (CCIP) fellowship in the U.S

CCIP fellowship is a fully funded programme by the Bureau of Educational & Cultural affairs (USA). Under this fellowship, prospective candidate/s is given one year training in their field of study/stream.

Shivani has been selected as one of the 30 candidates from India to participate in CCIP.She left for the U.S in August this year to transform her dreams into realities. She is now studying Hospitality Management at Whatcom Community College and enjoying her studies and college with fellows from around the world.

Shivani was born to a family where female child is considered as a social and financial burden on the family. In-spite of these social norms, Shivani never gave up on her dreams and enrolled herself at Pardada Pardadi School.

Hard work never fails so is true with Shivani. It is just a beginning for her to prove her ability. Within a very short span of time, she made us proud of her.

Shivani says ‘I decided to make myself educated because education is the only tool which gave me a power to make myself a gift in place of a burden. I rode my bicycle for 6 years on a bumpy, silent, and dangerous road to get the gift of education’

Shivani’s ’father says “She is a petite village girl and like many village children even her dreams would have been shattered if she was not exposed to the outside world from where she is able to get hold of an excellent training to become a hospitality professional.

He is overwhelmed with joy as his loving daughter for making her family, school and village proud.

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Conducting The Rural Medical Health Camp Once Again

Once again, Pardada Pardadi in collaboration with International Medical Relief (IMR) organized a four days long rural camp in 4 villages of Anupshahr and at Pardada Pardadi held from 10th-14th June 2014.

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Over 2000 patient received medical treatment on various ailments ranging from diarrhoea, dehydration, joint pain, blood pressure, skin allergies and other physical injuries. Over 50 volunteers including PPES staff, senior girls participated in the cam.  

Despite sweltering heat people came in large numbers and patiently waited for their turn to get treated. There were mothers accompanied by the daughters, elderly by their grandchildren, infants with their parents and younger siblings with the elder ones. The camp was a huge success.


Rural Marathon at Pardada Pardadi                                                                                                      

To promote the cause of rural girl child education in Anupshahr PPES conducted its first ever rural marathon on 30th August 2014. More than 1000 people including PPES’s students, staff members, volunteers and people from corporate ran together to promote the cause. The event was a huge success and helped us to promote the cause and also invoked team spirit among the students and optimism in the community

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The event was sponsored by corporate such as Blackberry, Indian Oil, D & B. Ms. Sunita Godra, former marathon runner was the chief guest to the event. She not only graced the event but also inspired our girls through her enriched experience.

The theme "Beti Zindabad" was well supported by Run with Me and by having Sunita Godara.


Bringing opportunities through economic empowerment

PPES firmly believes that inclusive development must involve girls/women since poverty is acute for women living in rural households and that there is a need to empower these girls and women to improve their lives.


Pardada Pardadi has been making pioneering efforts in creating better job opportunities for the welfare for girls/women. Due to it’s efforts, the economic empowerment division of Pardada Pardadi has made a distinct impact on the lives of rural girls and women trough generating livelihoods for them.

D:\Documents\Desktop\Preeti\Additional_Tasks\Monthly_reports\Newsletter\Pics for newsletter\Call centre.jpg  


The Incense sticks making project, introduced in July 2014 is going on full swing. Under this project, two manufacturing units have been set up at Lachimpur and Rudebangar village. The product produced in the unit is the only main products i.e incense sticks, but it is available in different fragrances according to the demand of customer.

At present this project employs 6 women who are working on piece rate basis and earn around Rs 100 per day. We are aiming to employ more and more girls and women under this project to make them financially independent.

Under the call centre project, 17 girls are working for the Kingdom of Dreams (KOD) and 6 are undergoing computers and soft skills training. It is indeed great to see girls working on computers and taking calls with so much of ease and confidence. They have become fluent in english and do not shy away while dealing with their customers in english. All these girls are first generation learner and earner and setting up an example for others to follow for a revolutionary change.

Cattle Development Centre

The cattle development initiative, a sub programme of community development was launched in 2013. The project aims at improving livestock, intensify productivity and increase farmers’ income through the improvement of livestock genetics through artificial insemination.

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Under this project two cattle development centres have been opened in Fathepur and Aniwas village in partnership with Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundations (BAIF)

These centers cater activities such as -Artificial insemination (AI), and also provide information on preventive cure (such as deworming and cattle vaccination), nutrition and forage, and other support services. Since its beginning 1647 artificial inseminations have been done for breed improvement.

Drishti which is one of the partners of National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) did training at Pardada Pardadi on dairy best practices- yard management, animal husbandry, nutrition management, cattle’s preventive health. The training was extremely useful, informative and relevant to our work. We are looking forward to implement the learnings from this training for the transformation of rural India through best development practices.


Life is a 'Never Ending Learning' process
Taking on this belief further-a team of 6 member s of PPES made a 5 day visit to Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh as part of the Learning Journey programme. Idea was to share about our work and learn from fellow development based organisations and incorporate those learnings in our own interventions

DRI is a non- profit organization that works in eastern Uttar Pradesh towards the development of rural India. It was indeed an amazing experience for the team.

A visit by Mrs. Kuljit Singh

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Mrs. Kuljit Singh wife of Mr Tom Singh (Pakhar Singh Foundation-who has been supporting Pardada Pardadi for more than six years now) visited the Pardada Pardadi School on 1st October 2014.

Needless to mention, it was an honor to host Mrs. Kuljit. Her visit to PPES was really a true source of inspiration for our girls and team.

Kuljit says ‘I very much admire the work that Pardada Pardadi does for improving the lives of girls and women in rural India; it shows in the women’s faces how grateful they are for employment and income No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of how Pardada Pardadi has benefited so many thousands of people these fourteen years’

Mrs. Kuljit was kind enough and agreed to fund our incense sticks making programme to create income generating opportunity for women in villages. We are touched by her commitment of changing and improving the lives of underprivileged in the community.


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