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Pardada Pardadi: A Charity that Creates Economic Development

Uttar Pradesh, the state in which Pardada Pardadi is located, is one of the most poverty-stricken states in India -- and that's saying a lot. Approximately 1/3 of the population was living below the poverty line as of 2005. Within the villages surrounding Anupshahar, most families are extremely poor, and there are no job opportunities, even if people had the necessary qualifications. For this reason, Pardada Pardadi decided it had to create its own job opportunities.

Pardada Pardadi created a vocational school in addition to its educational program. Students receive vocational training in embroidery, appliqué work and block printing. Upon graduation, all students are invited to work in Pardada Pardadi's Production Center, which creates home furnishings like table covers, duvets, sheets, curtains, and gift items like picture frames, trays, dairies, and coasters. These items are sold both in India and abroad. The proceeds from the sale of these goods is then reinvested into the Pardada Pardadi program, allowing more girls to receive education and vocational training.