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What is Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES)?

PPES is an organization which focuses on rural development via the empowerment of rural women. It is registered under the Society's Registration Act in India (Registration Number 337). PPES works in the area of Anupshahr, which is in the Bulandshahr district of the state Uttar Pradesh. To learn more about our key areas of focus (Female Empowerment, Child Education, Economic Development, and Health and Hygiene), please click here.

What does PPES do?

PPES strives to develop rural India through the empowerment of rural females. To achieve this, we run the Pardada Pardadi Girls School. Students are given value-based education and are sent for further studies, which will allow them to become socially and economically independent.

Why girls?

PPES wants to address the most vulnerable section of the society. In India and the world over, women and girl-children are the most marginalized.

Do we plan to extend our services to other regions?

There are more than 50,000 families in Anupshahr whose income is less than 600 rupees (US $11) per month. We first want to reach out to all of these families.

We welcome partnerships with other organizations or individuals to replicate this model elsewhere.

Why did you choose to focus on vocational training and what training do you currently offer?

Anupshahr is an agrarian society and has no other employment opportunities. We surveyed the villagers and decided that home furnishing would provide the most long-term sustainable trade. We also recently entered into a partnership with BlackBerry India and manufacture 16,000 suit bags per month and an additional 5,000 bags for Louis Phillepp. We welcome any new ideas and suggestions for job trainings and opportunities that can lead to life-long employment.

Why isn’t the government running a school, since it is the government's responsibly to provide education?

The education system in India is failing its citizens. Not only are many Indians not receiving a basic education, but the education they do receive does not lead to employment opportunities or prepare them for life. Until the government begins to provide free and quality education for all of its citizens, it is up to non-governmental organizations to ensure that the rural sector is not forgotten.

How can an individual/organization get associated with PPES?

PPES welcomes all individuals/organizations to be a part of our family. See our volunteer page or contact us.

How do I know my donations will help the girls at PPES?

PPES maintains latest audited financial statements for your review. Additionally, you can view our annual reports to see a breakdown of the budget. We also strongly encourage you to visit us at the school for a personal look at what your donation has accomplished.

How is your organization structured?

Please go here for an organizational chart to understand how we're structured.