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Extracurricular Functions

Annual Functions

The Pardada Pardadi School comes together throughout the year to celebrate our students and important holidays. A few examples of the most important gatherings are:

New Admission Day: We excitedly greet new students in June. To make the students feel like a part of the Pardada Pardadi family, the older students and staff give a welcoming speech, followed by school performances. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend in order to understand where their children will be spending the next couple of – ideally twelve – years.

Independence Day and Republic Day: Independence Day is celebrated every August 15th and Republic Day is celebrated every January 26th. The Indian flag is raised, and the staff and students take this opportunity to interact with villagers, discuss their problems, and exchange views on different issues. Parents of all the students are also invited to be a part of these functions.

Annual Day: All year, students eagerly await the third or fourth Sunday of November. Competitions and performances are the major attractions of the day, with regular guests from India and abroad attending to encourage the students to stay focused on their goals.

Exposure Trips

Throughout the year, students are taken for exposure trips to places like Delhi, Agra, and nearby areas of Anupshahar. Since many of these girls have never visited a big city, thus these fun outings are a huge learning experience.

Once a year, the top students from class seven to twelve are also taken on a multiday trip to reward their academic and leadership achievements. The school sponsors these trips, and makes sure that new students are given the chance to participate each year.

The students are also encouraged to participate in programs organized by other organizations. As a part of these programs, our students have visited places in India as far off as the Andaman Islands, Nainital, the Teerthan Valley, and Manali. 450 students, teachers, and administrative staff were given the chance to stay overnight at the Kingdom of Dreams (musical, cultural and artistic entertainment place). The students still site this experience as one of the most exciting during their years at PPES.

The students who do sport often participate in contests. Occasionally, they get the opportunity to play a friendly game of softball against the students of the American Embassy School in Delhi.

World Exposure

Exchange Programs

In the past, PPES has exchanged students with the following schools:

·         American School (Delhi, India)

·         McDonogh School (Maryland, USA)

·         Diganter School (Rajasthan, India)

·         Royce School (California, USA)

·         KR Mangalam (Delhi, India)

·         Archer School (California, USA)

Exchange programs allow students to develop a better understanding of the world and bring PPES students one step closer to becoming global citizens.

International Students visit PPES

PPES has also hosted students and guests from around the world. This program benefits both the PPES students and the visitors. The visitors are exposed to life in rural India and, with it, a cultural understanding that few others possess. The PPES students are exposed to unique customs and viewpoints that they would not otherwise encounter.
We have had guests share everything from music, theater, and art to origami, softball, and new languages. If you are a student or teacher interested in arranging a visit to the school, please contact us.