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PPES is a social and economic empowerment initiative. Most importantly, it attempts to eradicate female discrimination and provide gender equality. This will allow women to have an equal share in the continual growth of their country. To do this, PPES is providing an education that will allow women to become economically dependent and socially enlightened which, in turn, will create a society in which all children will have an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential.

PPES provides girls with a value-based education. However, what makes it unique is that it provides both job guarantees and incentives for families to send their girls to school—not the least of which includes paying each girl ten rupees (about US $0.20) per day of attendance after class five.

PPES has become integrally involved with the surrounding communities in the past three years. From our Rags-to-Pads initiative, to building community hygiene centers and toilets, to distributing solar powered lanterns, PPES is proud to announce what will hopefully be the beginning of a long partnership with the communities of Anupshahar. We firmly believe that while the girls will be able to effect change at a grass roots level, the most effective changes come from working with the girls and larger communities synergistically.