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Community Development - Our Impact

In May of 2012, our Community Development Team started creating self-help groups (SHGs) for the socially and economically marginalized women of Anupshahar and the surrounding villages. By the end of the year, the number of SHGs grew to 80 in 30 villages with over 1,000 women members. Today, we have 110 SHGs with over 1,400 members from 38 villages and growing. This has been achievedinitially with the help of our community mobilizers; now with enthusiasm and spirit of purpose byour Samuh Sahelis who are out to prove a point to themselves, to their own menfolk and soon, to the world.

The women of our SHGs are saving just 5 rupees a day, collected and deposited in a bank account to earn interest and create a track record of credibility over time.Within a year of starting, as of August2013:

  • 2 lakhs has been saved with interest in 70bank accounts for our current SHGs
  • 14 lakhs has been saved collectively by our women, including the above bank savings
  • 7 lakh has been inter-loaned among the SHG women and SHGs
  • 300 women have not had to borrow from village moneylenders, for marginal loans for critical needs
  • 2,00,000 rupees of interest has not been paid out to moneylenders
  • 1,70,000 rupees of interest income has been generated by the women for themselves.
The impact of non-financial initiatives remains to be evaluated but far outweighs the numbers presented above.