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In 2000, PPES consisted of one small building and struggled to hold on to its first class of only 45 girls. Now, however, PPES proudly claims four educational institutions and an enrollment of 1194 students, not to mention a waiting list of others and the enrollment of 200 more female students next scholar year. In only twelve years, the attitude of the surrounding community has gone from one of resentment toward girl education to one of appreciation for gender equality and female empowerment. Our ultimate objective is to educate, provide job training, and offer jobs to at least one daughter of each of the 50,000 poor families of the tehsil of Anupshahar.

In 2011, 97% of the PPES students who sat for the Uttar Pradesh board exam passed it, as opposed to only 68% of the Bulandshahar students and 70% of the overall region of Uttar Pradesh. In 2012, all the PPES students – in all grades that have to take board exams, i.e., 10th, 12th and degree grades – succeeded: 100% passed. We are exceedingly proud of our girls for these stunning results; they are not only overcoming the numerous challenges of being rural females, but are actually excelling when compared to their more affluent contemporaries.