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School Costs

Program and operational costs include:
  • Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks given during the school day.
  • Material for the students' uniforms.
  • Academic supplies (textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils, etc.).
  • Transportation (busing of students, bicycles).
  • Students’ field trips (click here).
  • Computer equipment (click here).
  • Vocational materials (cloth, thread, sewing machines, embroidery, machines, cutting machines, wooden frames, blocks and paint, etc.).
  • Finishing units for home furnishings: automatic washing machine, drying, ironing, and packaging supplies.
  • Vocational teachers’ wages.
  • Academic teachers’ wages.
  • Administrative and development staff’s wages.
  • Furniture for classrooms and offices.
  • Building materials and construction costs.
  • Fuel and diesel generators for power supply (as electricity in this area is not reliable).

To see a breakdown of our budget and our annual expenditure, please click here.