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Further Education

Vocational Training

One of PPES’s core objectives is to ensure that our students are able to become economically independent. To change the current trend of total reliance on husbands, these girls need marketable skills. Thus, after class ten, students can chose to be trained in the art of producing textiles. This includes fine hand embroidery, machine embroidery, appliqué work, and block printing to create table covers, duvets, sheets, curtains, picture frames, trays, diaries, and coasters.

The goods produced by the school are then sold through our website, exhibitions, and outside designers. All proceeds are reinvested in the school to help cover the cost of student education.

Additionally, PPES formed a partnership with BlackBerry India in October 2010. Our production centers are currently manufacturing 8000 suit covers per month, with plans to increase production in the upcoming months. We have also worked with Central Cottage Industries, Hayat Communications, and Dun & Bradstreet.

Since so many of our girls are pursuing further education instead of working in textiles, we also began employing women from the surrounding villages. In this way, we are not only helping the students but also their families.

Continuing Education

Students can also choose to continue their studies through class twelve and then pursue higher education. These students are also guaranteed jobs; PPES works with neighboring institutions to provide girls with scholarships to attend nursing, information technology (IT), or fashion-design schools, or to work in the hospitality industry at well-known, first-rate hotels. With the inception of our new science lab, we envision more students pursuing higher level education and then bringing these valuable skills back to Anupshahar.